New Patient Information

Every person who comes to Dr. Monk seeking chiropractic care has a unique set of circumstances that ultimately has them looking for a solution. This is where that journey begins.

What to expect

Your First Visit

Upon arrival to your first appointment with Dr. Monk, you will fill out a written history which is then reviewed an a “knee to knee” consultation. This consultation the key to understanding what has brought about your current structural condition, and can help provide the answer to “why” it has happened. Most often, there are events which have occurred that have had a cumulative effect commonly not considered to be part of the problem.

Next, Dr. Monk will perform a hands-on structural evaluation. The purpose of this is to see how any past events may have contributed to conditions or issues you might be experiencing, and also to pinpoint any problem areas. Dr. Monk will be looking for spinal fixation, muscle guarding and spasm, as well as swelling and pain. During this examination, you and Dr. Monk will continue to discuss any said events that may have led to these issues, and even any significant situations that you may not have realized were adding to the problem.

Upon completion of the examination, Dr. Monk will explain the signs, symptoms and other results, and how they relate to causative events; even if the events occurred a long time ago.

If you then decide to proceed with chiropractic care, Dr. Monk will first explain the therapy that he will be providing. He believes in minimal effective force with “no surprise moves. He strives for each patient to be fully comfortable and prepared for their chiropractic care.

He will then provide a full chiropractic adjustment, with methods specifically tailored to your specific condition and chiropractic needs.

Moving Forward

After you first adjustment is complete, Dr. Monk will work with you to lay out a plan for moving forward with chiropractic care. He will discuss your current expectations of the results you would like to receive from his care, and then offer options based on those expectations and your current chiropractic needs.

What to bring with you

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