Chiropractic Services

Newtown’s chiropractic office, offering services holistically composed for each individual patient.

Dr. Monk’s offers individualized chiropractic care, specifically tailored for each of his patients; many of which come from all different age groups and lifestyles. His services are carefully designed to target the source of each patient’s symptoms and conditions.

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Severe or Chronic Pain
Alleviate pain or discomfort from injuries or preexisting conditions.
Chiropractic for Adults
Receive individualized care for young adults to middle age.
Care For Seniors
Careful, focused attention for ages 65 and older can bring back mobility and stamina.
Youth Chiropractic
Help future you by taking care of misalignments and other issues while you are still in your teens.
Pregnancy & Prenatal Care
Gentle adjustments can make a huge difference in discomfort levels while pregnant.
Pediatric Care
Active kids can benefit greatly from chiropractic care!
Sports Chiropractic
Sports of any type or activity level can put unnecessary strain on the body.